2756 130th St.

Dawson, MN  56232

(320) 769-2255

Evangelism & Outreach Committee: Laurel Peterson

Missions Committee: Lee Ulstad

Administrative Committee: John Lee

Finance Committee: Dan Schluter & Loral Steinke

Music & Worship Committee: Jill Christie

Property Committee: Gary Goplen

Fellowship & Service Committee: Ashley Tensen

Christian Education Committee: Kayla Koch

password protected documents

Members of the congregation may contact the church office to get the password for these documents. 

2019 Committee Chairs

2019 Church Council

Chair: Laurel Peterson

Secretary: Kayla Koch

Treasurer: Dan Schluter

Financial Secretary: Loral Steinke

Vice-Chair: Lee Ulstad

Ashley Tensen

Gary Goplen

Jill Christie

John Lee