2019 Church Council

Chair: Laurel Peterson

Secretary: Kayla Koch

Treasurer: Dan Schluter

Financial Secretary: Loral Steinke

Vice-Chair: Lee Ulstad

Ashley Tensen

Gary Goplen

Jill Christie

John Lee

password protected documents


Members of the congregation may contact the church office to get the password for these documents. 

2019 Committee Chairs

2756 130th St.

Dawson, MN  56232

(320) 769-2255

Evangelism & Outreach Committee: Laurel Peterson

Missions Committee: Lee Ulstad

Administrative Committee: John Lee

Finance Committee: Dan Schluter & Loral Steinke

Music & Worship Committee: Jill Christie

Property Committee: Gary Goplen

Fellowship & Service Committee: Ashley Tensen

Christian Education Committee: Kayla Koch